Are Blogs Still Relevant in 2023?

Absolutely Yes!

Blogging is still relevant in 2023 and bloggers are earning millions of dollars every month doing blogging from the comfort of their homes (or you can say "Working from Home").

Talking with facts:

Over 409 million internet users read over 600 million blogs having 20 billion blog pages every month and blogging world continues to grow by 12% per year from the last 5 years consistently.

Are Blogs Still Relevant in 2023?
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This is a fact that most internet marketers rely on blogging for content marketing that garners quality leads and long-term sales from the content that keeps on converting visitors into customers (as blogs work like that).

But, do people still read blogs? (Really?)

Well, bloggers are not aliens, people read blogs that’s why bloggers are blogging about different topics and that’s really how bloggers are able to earn money blogging.

According to OptinMonster, over 77% of internet users worldwide love to read blogs. This is the 5th reliable source of information for internet users.

That means, people love to read what a blogger is saying about a product, a service, or a topic.

Internet users regularly read blogs to read reviews of products and get answers to their questions and they do it instead of asking an expert or opening a book.

As people are out of time, they don’t want to spend an hour searching for how to boil an egg or read a cookbook cover by cover just to find a fine recipe, they just search for an egg recipe and land on a blog where an author has already shared the exact steps of boiling an egg.

That’s how they end up boiling an egg, creating a robot, or understanding a fact from blogs of different niches.

Is blogging dead?

We all know it, blogging is not dead.

Blogging is thriving and it will stay here for a long as it gives the people the freedom of speech and power to spread the word about what they think and what they like or what they know.

This is a true way of using the internet to write about something that others can read freely or read something that a person has written without any pressure from a publishing company or law and enforcement rules (it doesn't mean that blogs or bloggers don't follow the rules, they do).

Most bloggers write their hearts out in their blog posts and talk about what they really feel about a specific topic, that's what people love to read.

As people need real stories, written by real people, blogging can't die any time soon.

If you are still not convinced, check a list of blogs that are making your life easier every day:

  8. Envato Tuts+

Just some of the coolest blogs that you can find whenever you type something in a Google search. There are hundreds and thousands of other blogs in every category and walk of life that you can read for free and get unlimited information without paying anything.

Are you still thinking that blogs are not relevant in 2023?

If you do, you should start a blog and work hard for 6 months, learn keyword research, create engaging content and see what happens.

In my experience, these people running the above million-dollar blogs are not fools and know blogs are here to stay.

That's why they are putting everything into their blogging journey.

So, if you are interested, go and create your first blog right now, it is worth it.

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