How to Make Your Blog Popular?

Today, creating a blog and publishing posts is a lot easier than ever.

Everybody can now create a blog for free and start posting about whatever he/she thinks about.

How to Make Your Blog Popular?
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However, blogging is not fun anymore.

It's a real business and the people behind some of the biggest blogs such as Mashable, Hongkiat, eHow, and TechCrunch are making millions of dollars every year. So you can too.

But, it all starts with a question:

How to make your blog popular?

Here's the answer:

22 Ways to Make Your Blog Popular

Talking from my experience of more than 8 years in the blogging field (with I can share the best ways to really make a blog go popular and viral for generating tons and thousand of free web traffic.

Just read now:

Focus on a selected niche

Before you even start writing a blog post and designing a blog, first select a niche.

That's important for every blog whether it is about health, lifestyle, food, finance, or whatever. You have to pick a micro niche and cover it before going to select a different topic for your next blog post. 

So, pick a niche and move to the 2nd step.

Make sure that your blog post has a good title

Before hitting the publish button, there's a lot of optimization that needs to be done by your end.

You have to make sure that your blog post title and your blog title make sense. For example, if you are blogging about "bikinis" your blog title should represent that not "furniture".

Add images to your posts

At least a featured image should be there on your every blog post and that's a need.

Don't publish without adding a featured image to your blog posts, as an image can say 1,000 words and when you are going to share your blog posts on social media, a blog post without an image will look spammy.

Use relevant keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the #1 way of generating free search traffic that converts well for making money from your blog, so make sure you use relevant keywords in every blog post you publish. You should do keyword research before writing your blog posts.

Post regularly

When you are publishing a blog post every day, you are making a habit of your readers coming to you every day for reading something new from your side. So, try to be regular, if you are posting every day, stick to this schedule and if you are posting every weekend, stick to this schedule, just make sure your readers are not getting offended by old posts (you can update and revive them too).

Be an expert in your field

If you want something real from your blog and you are serious about it, you should show your trustworthiness on your blog and share your expertise in your blog posts. Write down your experiences, ideas, and tips.

Comment on other blogs

Where's the most engaged traffic? properly on blog posts where people are commenting frequently. Those blog posts can be from other blogs. Go there and post comments and engage with the readership of others' blogs as they will see your name in the comments and follow you for sure to eventually land on your own blog.

Share your post on social media sites

Websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Discord, Reddit, Mix, etc can help you generate social media traffic on your blog, and sometimes your blog posts could go viral on a platform that will give you traffic spikes and help to make your blog be popular.

Create a mailing list

When you are getting some traffic on your blog, it is the perfect time to capture the emails of your readers. Give them a freebie and ask them to put their email addresses for downloading your digital product or getting a coupon code you may offer in your freebie or a giveaway. You can then use those email addresses for sending newsletters and affiliate offers to generate traffic and leads for making money on your blog and keeping it popular too.

Join groups related to your niche

Facebook groups, Discord servers, Reddit communities, Forums, and more. You can use these platforms to share your blog posts and generate free traffic for making your blog popular.

Give away freebies

As we said, giving freebies can help you capture the emails of your readers, you can give freebies to make your blog popular by asking visitors to share your freebie page on social media platforms so they can get more points. This will make your freebies go viral and you will get a lot of traffic without even spending a penny but giving something for free (that depends on your budget or creativity).

Write guest posts

SEO is a thing.

If you are not focusing on building backlinks and just making new posts every day, you will never get a chance to receive the traffic that your content deserves.

So make sure you are writing guest posts on other relevant websites and blogs to garner the opportunity of linking back to your popular blog pages and increasing their chances of ranking well on Google to generate free organic traffic.

Ask questions

Engagement is everything, EAT depends on it. You should ask questions in your blog posts to encourage users for commenting and discussing your blog posts. This will help you build trustworthiness too.

Answer others' questions

If you are running out of content ideas, you should start answering the most frequently asked questions regarding your blog niche and this is the perfect way to get organic traffic for free.

Use Google search console

Verify your blog with the Google search console and submit your sitemap there, keep an eye on your search traffic and find more keywords on which you can write blog posts and get more traffic that can make your blog popular.

Optimize your blog for mobile

Mobile is in the hands of every internet user. They will be visiting your blog mostly from their mobiles, so make sure your blog is mobile optimized. You can use the Google AMP plugin for WordPress or install a responsive theme on your blog.

Make your blog load fast

People are in hurry and nobody likes a slow-loading blog. Make sure your blog loads under 2 seconds and makes sense on the first visit.

Keep visitors engaged on your blog

There are many things you can do to engage your visitors and turn them into regular visitors. You can make use of creative images, write bullet points, use charts and embed videos in your blog posts. A cool-looking blog theme and an easy navigation system can also help you to engage your readers.

Encourage comments

As we talked about engagement before this heading, the best ever way for increasing engagement on a blog to make it popular is "encouraging comments on blog posts". If you can do it, you will be able to be an authority on a topic and reduce your bounce rate which will help you rank higher on Google too.

Focus on branding

When you are receiving traffic and your content is going viral, it is time to focus on your branding. Design a logo, choose your color scheme and upload that logo everywhere. Make sure you are representing a blog and the logo should represent what your blog is all about.

Be helpful

Always be helpful and ask your readers if they need to know something. You can write a sentence such as "let me know if you have any questions" at the end of your blog posts to make sure if a reader needs help, he/she comments and you can reply ASAP.

Be nice

Being niche on your blog is all about using a tone that represents a lovely heart and does not point to anyone. You should write as you talk in real life to make your readers comfortable with your content.

So this was all about how to make your blog popular.

If you need any kind of help, you can ask in the commets.

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