15 Important Pages that Every Blog Should Have

Creating a blog is easy, but maintaining it with winning the trust of the readers is not that easy. As everybody can start a blog for free and in a few seconds, most blogs lack trustworthiness.

To make your blog authoritative and authentic (at least it should look like one), you have to create the essential pages on your blog that will support you to showcase your blog as a real blog that represents real content and value to the audience.

15 Important Pages that Every Blog Should Have
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15 Important Pages that Every Blog Should Have

These 15 blog pages are important for every blog. Whether you are blogging about a personal niche, tech, business, entertainment, or whatever, you need to create these pages:

1. About Us Page

An about us page is all about who created the blog and what he/she does besides blogging. This page is about you, you should write everything that you can publicly reveal on this page and it should be about yourself or your team or your blog only.

2. Contact Us Page

A contact us page is where people will visit to contact you or find your contact information for any inquiries they may have about your blog or your business and services you might be offering and mention them in your blog posts. You should add a contact us form or mention your contact email and phone number on this page.

3. Our Vision Page

Motto, Vission, or Aim, you should write about why you created a blog and what you want to achieve or share on your blog.

4. Disclaimer Page

If you are sharing informative articles, posting about some products, or reviewing some products and services, you should create a disclaimer page and it is also useable for making the blog stand out from the crowd.

5. Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page is required for every blog, you should create one and it is easy to create one. You can find privacy policy page generators online for free. These tools will create a complete privacy page for your blog.

6. Terms and Conditions Page

If you are giving services to your blog readers, or want to say more about your content, you can create a terms and conditions page to mention your terms of using your blog and its content and conditions for your product and services.

7. GDPR Page

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all about the EU regulations for the privacy of the users. You should have this page on your blog to comply with GDPR rules and regulations.

8. Start Here Page

A start here page is about what you actually want a blog user to see. You can put this on your Main Menu and add main content to it. It can be about a guide, an affiliate offer, or an informative page that represents your blog content in a categorized manner so first-time readers can easily navigate your blog.

9. Products/Services Page

On this page, you can mention your all products and services (if you have a few). It is a good way to make a portfolio on your blog.

10. Team Page

If you have a team managing your blog/business, you should capture their headshots and upload their names and bios on this page.

11. Custom 404 Page

Creating a custom 404 error page saves you from losing money on the table. You can redirect users from an error page to your money page.

12. Archives Page

This is a common way of displaying recently published blog posts by categories or by the time of publishing. You can use it as you want.

13. Advertise Page

Most important page ever. Do you want to make money with your blog by monetizing the traffic? This page is where you should mention all the advertising-related details.

14. Write for Us Page

Are you accepting guest post contributions for your blog? free or paid, you can create this page and mention your blog stats, and encourage more contributors to your blog.

15. Feedback Page

In the end, every blog should ask the readers to send feedback on how it can be improved and what they think about the blog. You should create a dedicated page for this.

There are some other pages you can create on your blog but these are the important ones.

So, make sure you have created these pages for making your blog look authentic.

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