How to Write a Perfect Blog Post?

People (newbie bloggers) often ask a common question:

How to write a blog post (the perfect one)?

In the world of blogging, this is something that can’t be answered immediately and without a detailed guide, so I decided to give you the knowledge I got from my blogging experience of more than 10 years.

With this guide, you will be able to write a blog post in one hour if not in 15 minutes.

How to Write a Perfect Blog Post?
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Yes, and this is not a copy-paste of Seth Godin, this guide is just a simple approach about things you should focus on before, and while writing your blog post to make it perfect and good enough to keep your readers interested in your every next article and also take care of SEO factors.

Some questions to ask yourself before writing a blog post

These are some questions you should ask yourself before touching the keyboard for writing a quality blog post that presents awesome content:

1. What is your topic?

If you are unaware of your topic, you are already dead before even writing the article. First, go and understand what your topic is and whether you can write about it or not.

2. How many words do you want?

This is crucial, as most of the topics can be covered in 500 words, and then many topics may need you to write more than 1,000 words. So, first, understand your topic and make sure you know how many words are needed to complete the blog post.

3. Do you have any images that help make your point?

If you are writing about a topic that may require some facts to be displayed or some rankings to be displayed in charts or something like a recipe that needs to showcase the actual food when ready. You should have relevant images to upload to the blog post. This will help you to make your blog post have the weight of quality and authoritativeness.

4. What is the best way to go about this blog post?

You should understand the type of the topic, its depth, and its intensity to select the type of blog post. It can be a simple blog post, a video guide, an infographic, or a how-to guide. So, make sure you are selecting the best way to represent a topic on your blog.

5. What would be the title?

Title, this is what makes your blog post to stand out, get more clicks or less and it is something that decides the rankings of your blog post in Google and other search engines. A catchy blog post title could drive more readers to your blog and a lazy blog post title will make you lose potential traffic to your blog. So be creative on this.

6. Should I include a picture?

Absolutely, every blog post should have at least one featured image and if required, you should add screenshots and more images to complete the blog post. Plus, images help you make the readers stay on the blog and images also help you to rank a blog post well.

7. Where should I publish my article?

You should publish your article on your blog and then share it on your social media profiles, in forums, and in questions, you can also repurpose the article by creating a video on the same topic with content from the article. You can also create an eBook with relative topics from your blog or an infographic, a podcast, and much more.

8. Is there a template I can follow?

There are many types and templates of blog content, you should understand your grip and pick your favorite from this list:

  • Top 10 Listicles
  • How To
  • Guides
  • Product Reviews
  • News
  • Personal stories
  • Checklists
  • Cheat sheets
  • Slide shows
And the opportunities are limitless.

9. Can I include links to other articles I've written?

It's a must! You should include links to your old articles and make sure you are linking to relevant articles to the topic you are writing. This will help you to make your readers stay longer on your blog.

So, these were the common questions you should ask yourself before writing an article for your blog. Now read the real thing from below.

Here's how to write a perfect blog post

Read these headings carefully and write amazing blog posts:

1. Write about something that interests you

No no matter your blog niche, you should write about something you are passionate about.

People are reading blogs because they want to read something real, not just a product review, they want to read from a real human being, not a copywriting robot or a professional who has been writing the same content over and over again without adding any real value.

Your blog posts should show your expertise and interest in the topic, you can show it by personalizing your content by using I, Me, You, and other words such as Dear, Peers, Friends, Guys, and even readers, and then talking about your personal experience on the topic.

2. Start writing your first draft, then edit it until it's perfect

Don't think too much, after you have done the required keyword research about your current blog post topic, just go ahead and start writing the first few paragraphs and ideas in bullet points or headings.

Mostly, I do it to save my personal thoughts about a topic so that I can actually provide something new and unique for the topic that every reader like you will love to read.

You can just write a draft and then research the topic and complete it whenever you can.

3. Make sure to keep your readers interested

Creating interest in your blog posts and engaging your readers on your blog posts is the only way to make money with your blog and rank it higher in the SERPs. make sure that your content is interesting enough to keep people reading and coming back for more content.

For making it happen, you should always write about the topics which are easy for you and on the topics in which you have got some experience.

4. Don't forget to include links!

Authority is what matters in the online world and when you talk about facts, stats, and recent reports, you should include links to other relevant articles that mention them.

You can also include links to your previous and relevant blog posts. This will help you gain more traffic and the links you will add to other websites will make you an authority too.

5. Give yourself time to work on your posts

Earlier I said, you should create a draft right away after doing proper keyword research and then complete the article.

That's the approach you should repeat and rinse for making yourself a pro-blogger. You should create a draft and leave the computer screen for a while. Take a power nap, a sip from your juice bottle, or a cup of tea. Go back to the computer and start writing your blog post in full swing.

6. Be consistent with your writing style

Don't forget that your readers will soon develop an addiction to your style of writing a blog post.

You should keep that writing style with you and write your next articles in the same style as you were writing the first few blog posts.

7. Don't forget to add images!

An image says a thousand words.

That's enough to make you believe that images are the need of blog posts and at least one featured image is the pure need of a blog post to make it perfect. So add one if not three or five.

8. Keep it short and sweet

I know, that a lot of bloggers focus on writing long-form content of more than 2,000 words per article. But, in reality, people don't read such long posts, they just scan the content.

You have to provide your readers what they are reaching out to your blog for. That's all. Your articles can be 200 words to 2,000 words, but they should cover the topic well and that's it. There's no need to write 2K words for every topic.

Stay with us to get more updated tips.

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